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Roman Catholic Churches

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church (Carman)


A Catholic congregation was formed in Carman in 1883. The priest at St. Daniel served the Carman area in the early years, however, in 1893 a small church was built on four lots on the south-west corner of Roblin Avenue and Stanley Street (2nd St NW and 3rd Ave NW).

Later a hall and priest`s residence were added. In 1924, Carman became a mission out of Starbuck and remained so until 1947, when a full-time resident priest finally was appointed to Carman. A Catholic Women`s League was established and regular catechism classes were started. In 1964, the original property was sold and a new, larger church was built on NE Fournier Street and North Railway Street (1st St NW and 1st Ave NW).

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St. Daniel Roman Catholic Church

alt=""Roman Catholic missionary priests from the St. Francis Xavier mission were the first clergymen to conduct services in the area. They ministered to families north of the Boyne River or Rivière aux Ilets de Bois as it was then known. An infant baptism was registered in the area in 1837.

In 1869, a log chapel was built on NW 16-7-5w. As the area opened to settlement, the buffalo-hunt lifestyle ended and many Métis families moved from the area. However, new arrivals from other countries kept the Catholic Church alive.

In 1899, a resident priest was appointed . The log church was moved to SE 24-7-5w (Road 39N) [N4934 636 W098 08 515] a cemetery was laid out and the Parish of St. Daniel established.

A frame church was built at St. Daniel in 1910, however the parish centre
moved to Haywood. The church closed and members now attend church in Carman.

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