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Carman Baptist Church


A Baptist congregation with a resident minister was established in the Boyne settlement in 1889. By 1891 the congregation had increased to the point where services were held in Dufferin Hall. Services also were held in Albert School.

In 1892, a church was built on the corner of Ash Street (2nd St. SW) and Browning Avenue (3rd Ave SW) on land bought from Roblin and Demill partners. Rev. Bracken, the first resident minister, also travelled to other centres in North Dufferin. Extensive renovations were made to the church in1908, however, membership declined and the church closed. The building was used as classrooms for a few years and was purchased in 1926 for use by the Pentecostal Assembly.

Carman Baptist Church is now located in the former Lutheran Church on 2nd St SE.


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