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Whether you are a visitor to our community, are researching your family roots, need background on an historic building or are just interested in local history, this website is your one-stop source of information on our heritage. 

The site offers you a glimpse of the history of Dufferin Municipality from the pre-settlement era to the post–1870 influx of homesteading families, and from the arrival of the railways to the rise and decline of the small towns and communities along its path.

You will also discover the wealth of historic buildings, cairns, plaques and other heritage resources that our communities have to offer.

Let us know of any omissions or errors. If you have information or photos you’d like to share, please contact us. Check out this site each month for our Special Features, including vintage photos from the area.

Please visit our Acknowledgements page, which recognizes the many people who contributed towards making the website possible, including the backbone of any endeavour—the volunteers who contributed material, researched, edited or proofread content, and gave in so many ways of their time and talents.

News and Events: May 2016

Special Places project. In 2015, consultant Lorne Thompson completed an inventory of 152 local heritage sites. Over the winter months, folks from the Historic Resources Branch did a further analysis and evaluation of the inventory and identified some 30 places that rank high on a list of sites that merit special heritage recognition. CDMHAC will be looking carefully at the short-list and will be working with the Branch to see what can be done to preserve these important parts of our heritage.

Shirley Snider, David Butterfield and Nedra Burnett discuss the project (photo Ina Bramadat)

Dufferin Historical Museum has a busy schedule of events lined up for the summer including:

Women’s Suffrage Tea – May 12th, 2016 featuring a Nellie McClung theme
Pioneer Day – June 17th with the usual array of pioneer demonstrations and
Grandparents Day – September 10th
Keep up to date with Museum activities at:

The Museum is pleased to announce that student Emily Wiebe has been hired again this summer, starting work May 17. Work continues on renovations to the interior of Boyne School. One of the current challenges is finding ways to protect the buildings from pesky little varmints such as squirrels and woodpeckers. As one strategy to deter Woody and friends, a fake owl will be mounted on the roof.

Wes Vanstone pursues local history. Applause for Rosebank resident Wes Vanstone who has been following through diligently on his interest in the history of businesses in Carman during the 1948–52 era. He has been interviewing folks who recall those years. His research led to trying to learn more about “The Island”. As many still remember, it was formed by a loop in the Boyne River and accessed by a footbridge. The area became history when the bend in the river was eliminated and the highway extended straight north rather than curving picturesquely through town. Wes shared his findings with various groups and created a lot of interest in earlier days. He is working on a map which can be seen, along with coverage of his quest, in The Valley Leader, April 14, 2016. Way to go, Wes!

Missouri Trail. Another group of local folks is in pursuit of the exact point that the Missouri trail crossed the Boyne River east of Carman. The Missouri Trail or Hunters’ Trail skirted the huge Boyne Swamp to the east of present-day Carman and was the main route south for fur traders and buffalo hunters, later for settlers to the area. Tales abound of the grooves left by oxcarts and of the remnants of gravestones from the Kennedy Burial site found near the crossing.

Marker from Kennedy Burial Site   Missouri Trail Sign unveiled 1961

A small party of enthusiasts recently visited the site and are sure they have pinpointed the location. This is all part of CDMHAC efforts to restore a sign marking the point where the trail crossed Highway #3. The Dufferin Historical Society erected a sign at this location in 1961; however, it later was removed by a landowner.

"Old" News

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